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This article, where readers ‘show off’ their record collections, got us thinking at Eil Towers…mmm….we’d love to see some of your records, so if you’re feeling bold please share a snap (or two) by emailing and we’ll add them to our social media posts….here’s a picture of mine to get the ball rolling….

…I resisted the urge to tidy up, this is the collection eau naturelle! Everything sorted by genre is my filing system, Tibetan Nose Flute music top left….

Readers show off their record collections – in pictures

We recently invited readers to share photos of their vinyl via GuardianWitness. Here are some of our favourite responses – view them all here

“Diverse, tatty, scratched – but I’ve still got it and I play it! Purple, Priest, Zeppelin, Sabbath, Ramones, Floyd, Rush… Plenty of embarrassing stuff too!” Photograph: TimmRanson via GuardianWitness
“My Set up and collection. I love my 70s amp and speakers but most of all the old cases for the vinyl.” Photograph: Luke Richards via GuardianWitness
Spine Spectrum: “I usually order my collection by genre, however, I fancied a change and alphabetical seemed a bit boring.” Photograph: phocusimages via GuardianWitness
Three generations of vinyl lovers: “Daughter, grandmother, and Mum with our female favourites.” Photograph: mins via GuardianWitness
“Oh well, so much for my rare vinyl! This is what happens when the cats realize my record collection is the perfect substitute for a scratching post.” Photograph: Peanut123 via GuardianWitness
“The Library: this is the sum total of my life so far. Digging in here on a Sunday morning with a coffee is the best thing in the world. Filed A-Z for the most part – then by genre for all the stuff I DJ with. Garibaldi on the stool there – he’s a house cat.” Photograph: djeops13 via GuardianWitness
“To the despair of my other half, who has designated the back room the decent room, my record collection is now all over the place. An equal number are on the other side of the settee, more in the loft and the cellar. It’s a complete mix from my music era – earlyish 70s to mid 80s and much more beside.” Photograph: FentonRedbush via GuardianWitness
“I love vinyl. Funk, soul, reggae, jazz, hip hop, house, techno, disco, afrobeat, dub, latin, bossa, samba, balearic … it goes on. I’ve been buying wax for over 30 years and can’t see myself stopping. I have around 5000 records in all with a wants list about the same size.” Photograph: andyleeds via GuardianWitness
“A joy to behold, hell to move. From 8 bit gabba to Beefheart’s Abba Zaba. Green, red, blue and many other coloured vinyl. Picture discs, shaped discs, flexi discs. Gatefolds, fold out poster sleeves. Mint vinyl, knackered vinyl, rare vinyl, common vinyl. All loved loved loved vinyl.” Photograph: Scott Noskills via GuardianWitness
“My life’s work. My record collection is exclusively drum & bass / jungle music. It starts in 1994 and goes up to present day. Unfortunately the vinyl market for drum & bass is slowly dying. Tunes have got more and more expensive and the quantities produced are a tiny fraction of what they used to be.” Photograph: powkin via GuardianWitness

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