World Records: The Global Vinyl Economy In Four Interactive Maps


At the start of the supply chain is the elusive vinyl pressing plant. Now a rare breed, we’ve identified 40 vinyl record manufacturers globally.

When you compare the rather limited stock of factories to the huge number of labels worldwide (check out our second map for more on this), it’s easy to see to spot the biggest challenge for vinyl supply-side today. Many of the vinyl factories, especially the smaller or more remote ones, do not have capacity in terms of machinery (baths, presses etc) and manpower to meet growing demand, especially in the run up to events like Record Store Day. In some cases, a single factory serves an entire content – take Asia or Australia. And even in USA and Europe, together home to over 80% of the plants, factories have been known to struggle with the market appetite (of course in these continents, demand is at its strongest).

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