Is vinyl the best music format?

Vinyl appeals to man's urge to collect and arrange
Vinyl appeals to man's urge to collect and arrange

With vinyl undergoing yet another revival, Sam Rowe talks to those in the know about our enduring love of the humble record

Vinyl appeals to man's urge to collect and arrange
Vinyl appeals to man’s urge to collect and arrange

Vinyl is dead!

At least that’s what every music fan, artist and producer was told in 1982 (and every year since), upon the release of a pioneering new technology known as the compact disc.

For a long time, they were right: sales of records declined steadily after ’82 as their smaller, shinier cousin moved in on the home music market. Vinyl, it seemed, was not long for this world. The same scrap-heap that held the gramophone, Betamax and the transistor radio beckoned.

But then, years later, something happened. Whether through efforts made by musical purists, initiatives such as Record Store Day or the cachet of vinyl in the nostalgia (or even hipster) stakes, the sales tide began to turn once more.

And with the news that vinyl album sales are due to hit the one million mark by the end of the year (the highest since 1996), it seems the record has been formally resurrected

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