These are the best vinyl-only nights in London

The Best Vinyl Nights In London
The Best Vinyl Nights In London
the best vinyl-only nights in London
the best vinyl-only nights in London

There’s something odd about watching a DJ work a MacBook Pro hooked up to CDJ decks and vastly complex mixers. With modern technology enabling the perfect beat-match, what exactly are they doing in there (beyond fiddling with the delay knob)?

The game’s certainly changed from the days of beat matching using a rotary mixer and the very cleverest of thought. But the craft of analogue mixing hasn’t died entirely: traditional vinyl-only club nights are having something of a renaissance and events across the capitol are championing the craft, bringing a uniquely analogue experience to your next night out. Here are four of the best…

Held at Shoreditch’s Merchant Tavern, it combines Angela Hartnett’s exceptional bar food (try the deep-fried oysters), a world-class vinyl collection and some of the planet’s most revered record collectors on the decks, including Franz Ferdinand, BBC Radio 3’s Nick Luscombe, Soft Rock Collective’s Piers Harrison and Lemon Jelly’s Fred Deakin). Each mix is played through a vast, airy sound system (Tannoy Westminster speakers, Canary M500 Mono Block valve amp, Bozak mixer and pair of modified Technics 1210 decks), which is sparklingly clear without compromising your conversation. It’s open until 1 January.

36 Charlotte Road, London, EC2A.

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