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Sisters Of Mercy German 3" CD single
Sisters Of Mercy German 3" CD single

The mini CD single (also 3-inch CD or CD3, in relation to the CD5, or the 5-inch CD single) was a music single or ‘mini CD single’ that measures 8 cm (3.1 in) in diameter, rather than the standard 12 cm (4.7 in). They were manufactured using the same methods as standard full-size CDs, and can be played in most standard audio CD players or CD-Rom players. The format was first released in the UK, Japan, USA, France, Germany and Hong Kong throughout 1988. Although the format was not widely available in the UK, several artists, such as Garbage, Catatonia, The Sisters Of Mercy, Stereolab and REM did indeed release singles in this format. Over time, the European and Japanese pressings have become particularly sought after in their original state. In the case of Japanese 3″ CDs, these were issued in packs intended to be ‘snapped’ and folded to create a tiny 3″ square package; unsnapped and as ‘original’ packs are most sought after from Japan, in some cases such as the Simon Le Bon Grey Lady Of The Sea single fetching a few hundred pounds! In the case of the European issues, they came in a perspex ‘bubble’ pack intended to be displayed in music stores, keep those bubble packs intact!

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Prince Alphabet St German 3" CD Single
Prince Alphabet St German 3″ CD Single
Kissing The Pink Stand Up German 3" CD Single
Kissing The Pink Stand Up German 3″ CD Single
Michael Jackson Japanese 3" CD Singles
Michael Jackson Japanese 3″ CD Singles


Frankie Goes To Hollywood Relax Japanese 3" CD single
Frankie Goes To Hollywood Relax Japanese 3″ CD single


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