New Hawkwind book to be published in October

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A new Hawkwind biography, from renowned rock author Martin Popoff will be published in October.

Hawkwind: A Visual Biography will be published by Wymer Publishing on October 8.

“The ultimate aim is to send older fans as well as the next generation of blaster-offer back to the original scriptures, the studio albums serving as space-flung signposts, in search of the charming and astounding sounds,” say the publishers.

Author Martin Popoff provides a detailed timeline of the band’s complicated and dramatic career goings-on, helping to guide one’s way through each year and era, each hiring and firing and misfiring…

Accompanying their more than thirty studio albums and myriad companion pieces along the way are the graphics, visuals that further attempt to explain themes that are hard to articulate, presenting pretty pictures of record covers, promo items, advertisements, ticket stubs, paper goods pertaining to side-projects and numerous photos, most previously unpublished, of Brock and crew over the years.

Pre orders will get their name in the book on a dedicated fan page.

Hawkwind will release their next studio album, Somnia, through Cherry Red Records on September 10.

Pre-order Hawkwind: A Visual Biography.


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