Peter Hammill reveals new box set

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Peter Hammill has announced a new live box set titled Not Yet, Not Now.

The package was recorded between November 2017 and May 2018 during tours of Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, the UK, and Germany.

A total of 98 tracks will be spread across 8 CDs, with each disc presented in an individual wallet, while a 24-page booklet will also be included. Not Yet, Not Nowwill be released on March 29.

Hammill says: “With such a flood of performances I took the opportunity and accepted the personal challenge to widen the repertoire even more than has recently been the case – which was already considerable.

“In the end I played a hundred songs, more or less, in this run of shows, covering the whole spread of my career.

“Five of the CDs have a geographical focus, featuring songs taken from Berlin, Nurnberg / Dortmund (two sets), Italy and UK. The final three CDs are a mix of songs from different countries. Each CD is about an hour long and is structured to mirror the rhythm and tempo of live performance.

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Peter Hammill: Not Yet, Not Now

1. Just Good Friends
2. Mirror Images
3. Faculty X
4. Comfortable
5. Rubicon
6. La Rossa
7. Patient
8. The Lie
9. The Descent
10. A Better Time
11. Your Time starts Now

1. Siren Song
2. Too Many of my Yesterdays
3. Time Heals
4. The Comet
5. Time for a change
6. Sign
7. Last Frame
8. Anagnorisis
9. The Unconscious Life
10. Labour of Love
11. Stranger Still
12. Again

1. My Room
2. This side of the Looking-glass
3. Unrehearsed
4. If I could
5. Ship of Fools
6. Girl to the North Country
7. Out of my Book
8. Sitting Targets
9. Been Alone so Long
10. Bubble
11. Losing Faith in Words
12. Your Tall Ship
13. Vision

1. Empire of Delight
2. Bravest Face
3. Close to Me
4. Yoga
5. What’s it Worth?
6. My Unintended
7. Once You Called Me
8. Come Clean
9. The Mercy
10. A Way Out
11. On Deaf Ears
12. Still Life

1. Curtains
2. Shell
3. The Mousetrap
4. Nothing Comes
5. Amnesiac
6. Something about Ysabel’s Dance
7. The Habit of the Broken Heart
8. Slender Threads
9. Primo on the Parapet
10. Milked
11. Time to Burn
12. Traintime
13. Sleep Now

1. Don’t Tell Me
2. Tenderness
3. His Best Girl
4. Happy Hour
5. Shingle Song
6. Our Eyes give it Shape
7. The Birds
8. Like Veronica
9. Central Hotel
10. Gone Ahead
11. Reputation
12. Refugees

1. Easy to Slip Away
2. Autumn
3. 4 Pails
4. I will Find You
5. The Second Hand
6. Charm Alone
7. Driven
8. The Sphinx in the Face
9. Modern
10. Silver
11. Mean while my Mother
12. What Lies Ahead
13. Afterwards

1. After the Show
2. Confidence
3. Undone
4. Ophelia
5. Skin
6. Torpor
7. Stumbled
8. When She Comes
9. Friday Afternoon
10. That wasn’t what I said
11. In the End
12. House with no Door

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