Dick’s Picks: Stack Waddy’s wild second album, Bugger Off!

Released in 1972, Stack Waddy’s second album, Bugger Off! is a wild and fierce ride through a controlled mess of heavy blues and psych rock.

The album was released on Dandelion Records, the label owned by the legendary John Peel, who also served as executive producer on the album. The story goes that the band refused any overdubs or studio wizardry, opting to keep the sound raw and unhinged by recording each track live in a singe take.

According to Peel, album’s title even stems from an occasion where he asked the band to do a second take of a track, to which they replied, “Bugger off, Peel.”

Amongst the barrage of white hot riffs that make up their original material, Stack Waddy even threw in some covers for good measure. They add their own maniacal sound to Frank Zappa’s Willie The Pimp, and provide a bizarre take on the ’60s bossa nova track, The Girl From Ipanema. 

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