Tenacious D announce first studio album in six years

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Tenacious D are returning later this year with their first album since 2012’s ‘Rize of the Fenix’.

Jack Black and Kyle Gass announced their fourth studio record – tentatively titled ‘Post-Apocalyptico’ – via a crudely drawn cartoon trailer promoting their autumn 2018 North American tour, which includes a set at Foo Fighters’ festival Cal Jam.

The 40-second cartoon features the comedy duo sat on a sofa playing a video games where Jack proclaims: “F***, we gotta pay the rent.”

Kyle responds “Well, I guess we gotta make another album”, to which Jack responds “Dude, that’s gonna take us like five more years…”

We then get a tantalising snippet of music from the album as the words ‘New album 2018…. Probably / New tour 2018… Definitely’ flash on the screen.

Watch the trailer here:

Tenacious D last performed in the UK way back in December 2013 on the Old School Acoustic Style tour.

Jack Black was a guest on My Planet Rocks last December where he told us why Ronnie James Dio was his favourite heavy metal vocalist ever.

“They replaced Ozzy (in Black Sbabath) with who turned out to be my favourite heavy metal singer of all time, Ronnie James Dio,” Jack said.

“He held a special place as he was from the United States of America, y’know, he was one of ours. The fact that he joined forces with the greatest heavy metal band of all time was a great source of national pride for me personally.

“Also, he just had these operatic pipes; he was a very different cat, very different to Ozzy but great in a whole different way. He was singing about the devil too but more of like a dungeons and dragons magical devil than the actual terrifying satanic mass.”

Talking about meeting his hero, Jack said: “We did get to meet him, me and Kyle (Gass). We sang a song about Dio on a Tenacious D album (‘Dio’ on 2001’s ‘Tenacious D’) and he heard about it and he reached out and he said ‘hey, do you guys wanna be in a music video?’ So we did a little cameo in one of his music videos (2002’s ‘Push) and it was a thrill.”

Following Tenacious D’s appearance in the ‘Push’ video, Jack personally invited Dio to appear in his 2006 movie Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny that also featured Dave Grohl and Meat Loaf.

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