Rare record bought for $1 turns out to be a Banksy treasure – what’s the best vinyl ‘find’ you’ve ever had?

MAARTEN HOLL/FAIRFAX NZ Cameron Crabb with his Banksy-designed record sleeve. He bought the album for $1 from Porirua’s Trash Palace – not because of the cover but because he liked one of the tracks on the electronica compilation.

So the chap above buys a record, a ’90s compilation from Wall Of Sound Records called ‘We Love You….So Love Us’ for the princely sum of $1 (that’s about, errr, £1 in case you were wondering), and because of the Banksy sleeve it’s probably worth around $1,500! Yikes!!!

So that got us thinking – what’s the best buy/find you’ve ever had?

Please email tim.card@eil.com and we shall post some of the ‘finds’…..

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  1. Managed to come in possession of a box of bulk LP’s that was going cheap. As I looked through it I found a picture LP by The Chameleons, which was in mint condition. I checked up on the value of it and it was in triple figures. Still got that Picture LP in my collection. Not bad for a box of LP’s which I got for $20.

  2. I found the first Paul Weller solo album at a local in my hometown of Portland, OR – original, import, used, pristine – 15 bucks.

  3. Back in 1995 I went thru CDEurope.com — and there was no web interface back then, you had to use a telnet client! — and ordered brand new copies the first 4 Beatles Lps in stereo to replace my old ones and to transcribe to compact disc (the CD releases of the first 4 back then as we all know were mono only).

    I received the 4 Lps and they all had mono sleeves and mono catalogue numbers on the labels. So I did not bother to play them for about 20 years. When I did…they were all the true stereo mixes. So these were obviously pressed in error. Rare? I am unsure.

  4. my wife worked in a shop that sold vinyl and some one brought back Cafe Blue by THE STYLE COUNCIL because one side had Dire Straites ,I quickly bought it, have not heard of any other copies……………………….unless someone knows different

  5. I brought 4 AC/DC singles mint first press Bon Scott for $1 each (so $4 the lot) discogs says I have over $250 + for the lot

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