The Corrs – Rare Vinyl, CDs and Super Rare Display Pieces In Now – Watch The Video!

We’ve had a vast collection of items from The Corrs just recently. Along with all the rare vinyl and CDs you’d expect to find are an array of framed, authenticated items such as drumskins, drumsticks, gloves, flutes etc, signed pieces, rare shop displays and display boards from performances such as the Princes Trust.

Watch a short video here:


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Interested in oversize displays and can pick them up in person?  Some are too big to be ‘mailed’ but you’re welcome to collect in person or on someone’s behalf.  Here’s one to pique your interest, it measure 1.5m high x 1m in width – not yet on our website! Call Luke on 01474 816070 to discuss.


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  1. On the video your advertising a framed picture of Andrea Corr playing the flute I would be very grateful if you would get back to me and give me a price for that particular picture. Thank you Ron Harnett

    • Thank you for your message, I have passed your details and message on and you will get a reply when the office opens tomorrow.

    • I would also like to purchase the signed gloves signed by Caroline in a matching frame also a picture of the Corrs in the red matching frame. I would be very grateful when they come in stock that you please contact me and give me a price for the pictures. Thank you Ron Harnett.

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