How Do You Make A Vinyl Record Levitate?

Starter company Mag-Lev Audio have developed a turntable that uses magnets to suspend your record in mid-air, thereby rendering the playback free of any interruption from vibration – NICE! If you can get past the naff, oh-so-upwardly-mobile video, you have to admit it’s an impressive looking piece of kit.

If the turntable isn’t in use it is supported by four feet which retract as soon as you start playing a record – cool eh? What happens if there’s a power cut I hear you ask, does the record plummet? No, they’ve thought of that, there’s an emergency power supply which kicks in should that happen.

This super cool turntable is MAG-LEV Audio’s first product, and at this stage is up on crowdfunding website ‘Kickstarter’, it is estimated that the product will be available from retail stores in August 2017 for around $1400 – you can find out more here

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