Liam Gallagher announces solo record having previously said he wouldn’t release one

By Jack Shepherd/The Independent


Warner Bros. have announced they are releasing Liam Gallagher’s first solo album, the ex-Oasis singer having previously said he would never release a solo album because he’s ‘not a c*nt’.

The upcoming record is said to be 10 or 11 songs long, with Gallagher saying of it in Q magazine: “The melodies are sick and the words are fucking funny. [It] sounds well tasty. You won’t be scratching your chin. It’s not Pink Floyd and it ain’t Radiohead. It’s chin-out music.”

He added that – although he is releasing a solo record – he is “not embarking on a solo ‘career’.”

Since the announcement, Gallagher Tweeted about the news, writing in a post “It’s official I’m a c*nt,” a referenced to the aforementioned comments on writing a solo record.

The solo record marks the first time Gallagher has released music since 2014 with Beady Eye.

Recently, Gallagher took aim at his brother, Noel, once again, calling him a ‘pouting potato’ on Twitter, followed by numerous more photos of Noel with spud-based captions.

So what do we think? Good idea/bad idea, will it be better than Beady Eye? Let us know your thoughts…

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