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…ladies and gentlemen, boys & girls….strap yourself in for some MONSTER RARITIES at eil towers this week, including THE Smiths holy grail that is the test pressing for the aborted second single ‘Reel Around The Fountain’ (only 25, yes 25 made – yikes!), if that doesn’t float your boat then how about some serious Pink Floyd action in the shape of an Italian only ORANGE vinyl version of The Wall (only 670 made), an original 1967 US promo ‘See Emily Play’ 7″, the legendary 1971 Japanese only Floyd ‘Odeon’ sampler LP…(you can take a breath now), also look out for some top-notch Madonna rarities including an original uncut Borderline picture disc, an Italian only ‘Over & Over’ 12″ with poster….pheew…for full Top 10 click here

….one of THE most desirable Smiths rarities, this is the test pressing for aborted second single Reel Around The Fountain (well they had just written This Charming Man for a John Peel session so I guess we can forgive them)….full info here
PINK FLOYD See Emily Play: This ain’t just a record, it’s a piece of history no? An extremely rare & genuine 1967 US wide centred promotional vinyl 7″ for the single, limited to just 250 copies for review before the stock copies were released to the public, more info here
MADONNA Borderline: Rare 1986 UK original UNCUT picture disc of the familiar young 1980’s Madonna shape! Also includes Physical Attraction. This superb rarity has not been cut to the finished shape but remains as a 12″ disc with clear vinyl surrounding the central image. Uncut picture discs are generally used as ‘test pressings’ – a few are always made to check the image alignment and print quality before the final run is cut to the desired shape, needless to say these rarely appear for sale, more info here


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