Our Top Five Promotional White Label Vinyl Releases In Stock At eil.com

What Is A White Label?

A ‘no frills’ white label in all its glory, sometimes only identifiable by the catalogue number in the run out groove

Before a record gets an official release white label promotional copies are often distributed to radio stations, DJ’s and music industry employees. NB* ‘Test Pressings’ are often grouped with white labels, as the name suggests these are used to test a record before manufacture and not for promotional purposes. Test Pressings are highly prized as they are made in even smaller quantities than promos.

Test pressing example with hand written notes prior to manufacture

Who Makes Them?

They are produced by both the major record labels and the independents, in some cases they are self made by upcoming bands/artists looking for a means to promote themselves.

What Do They Look Like?

As the name suggests they tend to be sent out in an unfinished state, often with plain white custom stamped labels and promo marked/plain sleeves.

Custom stamped white label with promo only sleeve

Why Do We Like Them?

For the record collector the chance to own an extremely limited release by their favourite artist/band with different artwork and, in some cases, different mixes or even tracks to the official release, not only make them highly desirable but, choose well, and you’ve bagged yourself an instant collector’s item too!

Here’s our current Top 5 favourites, to see full list click here

The Smiths What Difference Does It Make, 1984 white label test pressing, like wow! More info here
Mega Rare 1981 Japanese 3-track Discomate white label promotional only 12″. Unique picture sleeve featuring a repro of the top 60 chart taken from ‘Billboard’ magazine.
Custom stamped labels too
How cool is this? Produced for the Yuusen Broadcasting Corp, a genuine Japanese radio station promotional only white label 7″ vinyl with Honky Tonk Women on the flip side. This officially licensed pressing was distributed for radio play only, full info here
Rare 1988 Mute Records 2-track white title label promotional vinyl 12″, note the custom black titled white label on A-side and plain white label on B-side, the die-cut Mute company sleeve is different to the finished release, more info here
Kylie-Minogue-Confide-In-Me-Dan-176781 (1)
Incredibly rare 1994 UK white label promotional 5-track 12″ including Master Mix, Big Brothers Mix, The Truth Mix plus Where Has The Love Gone Fire Island Mix and Poach Hotel Mix, custom stickered sleeve and black & white title stickered label, more info here
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  1. If a Japanese white label promo – 7″, 12″ or LP, has a date stamped (or hand-written) on the label, what is the significance of that date? Is it a pressing date or perhaps as in the US, the date on which a particular station or DJ had received it?

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