10 Best Synth Pop Tracks Of The 1980s

Australian 80s synth pop revivalist solo act Beat Ratio chooses his 10 favourite synth pop songs ever


The 10 Best Synth Pop tracks of the 1980s, as chosen by Australian synth pop solo act Beat Ratio

Melbourne-based Beat Ratio makes 80s synth pop using equipment exclusively from that decade, making the limitations of cassette tapes, synths and drum machines a tool for stimulating creativity rather than a drawback.

Have a listen to “Fool”, the first song from an EP to be released later this year and so authentic that it’s practically dripping in Howard Jones-bothering nostalgia and read Beat Ratio‘s best 10 synth pop tracks of the 1980s below

Click HERE to view the full list and watch the videos by Howard Jones, Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, Wham, Dead Or Alive & Human League.


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