One previous owner! Super rare first issue Move Vinyl LP from 1968


This is the Move’s 1968 UK first issue 13-track MONO LP, the band’s classic debut including Flowers In The Rain, Hey Grandma, Fire Brigade & Cherry Blossom Clinic.

This was issue in a fully laminated flipback sleeve featuring a striking cover design by Dutch collective The Fool. This is a beautiful clean copy & a one previous owner example. Due to the laminate naturally shrinking ever so slightly over time, a couple of pinch marks or minor lifting is noticeable along the spine, otherwise thisis an amazing example. The colours remain rich & vivid, the flipbacks nice & secure & all text clearly legible. The vinyl is clean as a whistle with just the smallest few spindle marks by the centre hole to indicate play. Its sparkle is breathtaking! Highly recommended LRZ1002




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