Name & Shame: Onstage Tantrums…….

The NME has put together a list of the most farcical onstage tantrums, here’s a few of our favourites….

Kings of Leon were forced to abandon a show in Missouri for a novel reason that raised much mirth in 2010, namely that they were getting covered in pigeon doodoos. “So sorry St Louis,” they tweeted. “We had to bail, pigeons shitting in Jared’s mouth and it was too unsanitary to continue.”
It doesn’t take much to make Morrissey leave the stage. In fact three little letters will usually do it, namely BBQ. Moz has a strict ‘no dead flesh’ policy at venues he plays, but unable to enforce such provisos at a huge festival like Coachella, Moz was heard to say “I can smell burning flesh… and I hope to God it’s human,” before taking off. Photo: Getty
Jack White’s not a man easily wound up… I beg your pardon, he is. According to the Detroit Free Press, White became “visibly displeased with the standing crowd’s lack of intensity in what he wanted to be a symbiotic affair” when he played there last year, and so he walked off. To be fair be did come back and then play a 10 song encore. Creative types, huh? Photo: Getty
Eric Clapton walked off stage in Glasgow in 2014. Slowhand was apparently having technical difficulties, but he failed to communicate this with his fans. One person tweeted that Clapton’s behaviour was “embarrassing and insulting, especially regarding the price of tickets.” Photo: Getty
Kanye West is given to stopping songs on stage and ranting like a loon about how he and his wife are persecuted celebrities, but he caused particular offence in September 2014 when he stopped a show in Sydney to complain about two people not dancing. Both turned out to be disabled.
In 1985 Dee Dee Ramone got hit in the head with a flying red pump, and the red mist descended. Stopping ‘I Wanna Be Sedated’ mid-song, he jumped into the crowd and gave some poor unsuspecting random a leathering. Well, there was a 1 in 20,000 change they were the one who threw the shoe. Photo: Getty

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