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Private Press Vinyl: What’s that all about???

We now take it for granted the ease with which music can be created, recorded, downloaded, shared and disseminated. However, it wasn’t always this easy….oh no…back in the ’60s and ’70s  whether you were a solo performer, or part of a group, getting your music to a wider audience was a major concern.
One solution was to record and press a record yourselves, hire a cheap four-track recorder, get a friend to do the artwork (which was often cheap and sometimes unintentionally hilarious) and bingo! you’ve got the means to secure gigs or even a bona fide promotional item for that all-important radio play and….just possibly…you’d have something you could take home and impress your mum and dad with!
Many of these recordings were issued in tiny quantities, often with a run of just 99 copies (any more would result in them falling foul of Her Majesty’s Tax Inspectors) needless to say they’ve become rarer than the proverbial hen’s teeth and some releases can fetch eye-watering amounts…….
Have a look through our Top Ten In Stock Private Press items below (with prices than won’t break the bank) and prepare to immerse yourself in an alternate music world….enjoy!
Autographed copy of this ’80s female vocal folk duo – full details here
Dreamy/pastoral folk 1979 UK 9-track private press LP, full details here
New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) obscurity – full details here
Self funded album by the might Otway & Barrett, full details here
Very rare 1975 US Spiritual Jazz Private Press 16-track LP, including recordings from the early seventies such as the funky jazz breaks gem, Credo [later re-released by Jazzman], full details here
Hard-to-find minimal synth 7″, full details here
Deep & wicked Barbados funk from 1974, full details here
Ultra rare late 70s private press Austrian-only 10-track vinyl LP, a lost jewel of German sung prog/psych for the Krautrock collector, full details here
Fully Autographed 1980 UK private press 12-track Folk LP, full details here
1982 Canadian Heavy Rock/Metal private press 6-track mini-LP, full details here
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