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Sex Pistols movie to hit the big screen

From Planet Rock. Following the recent, high-profile Queen and Mötley Crüe biopics, Bohemian Rhapsody and The Dirt, a movie about The Sex Pistols is set to hit the big screen. It’s been reported the UK firm Starlight Films has been working on the embryonic stages of movie for the past 18 […]

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Tell us about your record collection…

We would like to know about your collections, be it vinyl LP’s, 7″ or 12″ Single, Compact Disc Albums & Single or Cassette Albums & Singles. If you are record collector, the chances are that not everyone understands your obsession. You’ve probably been asked dozens of questions about your collection […]


Sniffin’ Glue: A fanzine that epitomized punk

It’s UK punk’s 40th anniversary year – sort of – and among the work being celebrated is ‘Sniffin’ Glue’, the photocopied publication that embodied the movement’s high, heroic era. Founder and editor Mark Perry shares his memories Dateline: sometime in London 1977, in a basement club on a corner site at […]

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Ramones: the godfathers of punk rock

  With their long hair, tight jeans and tighter songs laced with relentlessly catchy riffs, the Ramones left an indelible stamp on pop music the minute they burst onto the New York punk scene in 1974 – and their influence shows little sign of fading many years after their final […] News

Punk 7″ Vinyl Singles In Stock

Incredible range of Punk 7″ Vinyl Singles all in stock at, there’s some real gems in here from the rare and collectible ’45 to the just-got-to-have-it in the collection 7″…….all under £50! Here’s a few to whet the appetite, full list available here