Sound Advice: How The UK Grading Of Vinyl Records Works – Watch Our Video…

Our buyer, Glen, de-mystifies why we will typically only buy items in a certain condition and gives clear, concise advice on how to grade your vinyl according to the recognised UK Record Collector Grading System.

Get yourself a cup of tea, sit down and enjoy…!

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    • thanks for commenting and we’re sorry we didn’t observe your comment earlier. We do grade vinyl and covers separately where there is a grading difference. If no grading is given at all then it will meet our minimum criteria of being Excellent – both sleeve and vinyl. I hope that helps. If there is a specific item you are interested in and require more info, please email and we’ll be glad to provide more detail for you. All email communiation is generally answered within a day at the very most, usually far quicker. Cathryn

  1. A most interesting video! That’s exactly I grade records when I buy used. I always prefer near mint to very good+ for my collection. Thanks very much for sharing this useful information about vinyl quality and ratings.

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