Watch Noel Gallagher’s It’s A Beautiful World Video

Noel Gallagher and his solo band the High Flying Birds have released a video for their track “It’s a Beautiful World” from their latest album Who Built the Moon? The follow-up to 2015’s Chasing Yesterday was released last November.

The video, which you can watch above, contrasts grainy footage of the band performing the very upbeat song in the studio with archival footage of war and disaster.

Speaking soon after the album’s release, Gallagher said he’d been inspired by early Genesis, among other sources, and admitted he’d struggled to express joy in music. “It’s very easy, particularly in this day and age, to write about angst and how life is so difficult,” he said. “To find a f—ing joy in the world and then to kind of crystallize it into music is difficult, and not many people can do it.”

But he argued that he’d achieved the ambition with Who Built the Moon?, explaining, “It’s unashamedly a f—ing pop record. It’s about the joy of beautiful women, nights out and nights getting f—ing high, and all the things that we love in life. All the things that the f—ing terrorists hate. I reckon if I went to Syria and played it for ISIS, it’d all be f—ing over.”

Gallagher appeared to have settled his long-standing differences with brother and ex-Oasis singer Liam Gallagher in the run-up to Christmas, but Liam later called an end to their “truce.”

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