Metallica discuss their classic album, Master of Puppets

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Metallica have opened up about their classic 1986 album, Master of Puppets, which has recently been given the remastering treatment.

Drummer Lars Ulrich went into detail during the interview about what was one of the most turbulent times for the band. “The hardest part of it all was the ‘kitchen sink element,'” said Ulrich in the interview. “There’s a certain exaggerated, perverse beauty in just overwhelming people with as much stuff as possible, but there is also some line in the sand somewhere where it just gets to be too much. If we included everything from that time period, you would need a fucking forklift to get this thing into your house.”

He even went on to mention the final show with bass player Cliff Burton, who tragically passed away the same year as the albums release, and that his mark is still on the reissue of Master of Puppets. “There’s audio of his last show and potentially what may be the last picture that was ever taken of us together onstage. So with things like that, you pause for a second and think of all the craziness and ups and downs and how much we miss Cliff, but also how fortunate we are to still be out here doing it and that people still care.”

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