Choice Cuts: The Cure’s Spanish-only promotional single, The Blood

Wax Facts
Artist The Cure
Release The Blood [Spanish-only promo] Year 1985
Format 7″
Price Up to £1,000

Any band with a release history as dense as that of The Cure are bound to have rarities in their catalogue, and being one of the most collectible bands around, it’s safe to say there are more than a few. However, there is nothing collectors of the godfathers of gloom desire more than this promotional 7″ of The Blood.

 This unique release was issued only in Spain by Polydor rather than their UK label, Fiction, or Elektra in the US, and there are believed to be only 300 to 400 copies in existence. It comes in a thin paper sleeve, with typically haunting artwork to match the title, but this makes it almost impossible to find a mint-condition copy over 30 years later. The 7″ itself has a wide centre, with red labels and Spanish text.

The B-side is just another Head On The Door album track, Six Different Ways, and all the music is available elsewhere. Yet due to it being like gold dust and rarely seen on the open market in any condition, collectors salivate over the thought of owning a copy. The chances are a copy in mint or excellent condition is going to set you back the best part of £1,000, and even worse-condition copies don’t come cheap.

The Cure’s rarest records often rise in value each year, yet for all the exciting items out there by this iconic band, nothing touches the collectibility of The Blood.

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