Tell us about your record collection…

We would like to know about your collections, be it vinyl LP’s, 7″ or 12″ Single, Compact Disc Albums & Single or Cassette Albums & Singles.

If you are record collector, the chances are that not everyone understands your obsession. You’ve probably been asked dozens of questions about your collection that have been met with confused looks. It’s something collectors often come up against, but we are offering you the chance to tell the world about your collection in your own words, and to let everyone know why you are passionate about record collecting.


If you are interested in taking part in a short interview about what you collect, why you collect, when you started, and how big your collection is, we want to hear from you. You will be speaking to like-minded collectors who share the same love for music as you, and enjoy nothing more than discussing record collections. We will also require some good quality pictures of your collection that we may well feature on our blog

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  1. I started listen music when I was 14 year,Beatles,Rolling Stones,ABBA,First record I bought Beatles -Revolver,It was 80 year,Now I have exatly 50 year,….and during 81 year I am first time on T.V. I saw AC/DC,and said: YES THIS IS MY SOUND,after another day,I bought Back in Black album from AC/DC,and I started listen Heavy metal,and I started collect records with Heavy Metal bands,Iron Maiden,Saxon,Scorpions,WASP,Venom,and about 89 year I started listen progresive rock,King Crimson,Emerson Lake and Palmer, Pink Floyd,91 year war is started in Yugoslavia,and I arrived work on cargo ship,I mean Seamen,It was sadly times,After the war,I buying CDs,.95,96 year,records are not popular like before,Today I thinked When I was abou 6,7 year,my Mother turned the record on old turntable for childs,I mean childs story records,about story Cinderalla,Jake and Jill,and This is my first passion about record,CD is not too much liked,because CD has not soul,but record is magic,pleasure,truth art,and today I have about 500 records,and 300 original CDs,Heavy Metal,Rock,Hard rock,Punk,Mostly Heavy metal records and CDs,..that,s my story,and I will like vinyl to end on my life,I am sure,regards,ivica

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