What’s the best vinyl record ‘find’ you’ve ever had?

A couple of weeks ago we posted a story about Martin Holl, he bought a vinyl record (a ’90s compilation  called ‘We Love You….So Love Us’ for the princely sum of $1). The sleeve was actually a limited edition version created by Banksy! It’s worth around $1,500! Yikes!!! Which prompted the question, “what’s the best vinyl record find you’ve ever had?”

We had a lot of replies, you can see a selection of them below (with more to follow btw)….if you have other ‘finds’ you’d like to share, send ’em over  to tim.card@eil.com and we shall add to our blog….

Melvin told us he found this little proggy/psychedelic beauty in a charity shop in Ashford! Sample copy too…..

Phil tells us his, “best vinyl find was last year at a local car boot sale. Someone had about 20 records on the grass in front of a wallpaper table. It was a stand that had a lot of – er – junk, not one at which I would normally stop. But there was a black beacon calling me on the grass; a 7″ live sleeve copy of ‘Hammer To Fall’ by Queen. I picked it up and asked ‘How much?’ – 50p, of course. I proceeded to buy 4 or 5 other of her worthless-in-every-way singles, in an attempt to swallow a smidge of my own guilt!”

If you’re not familiar the Hammer To Fall single with live picture sleeve is a bit of Queen collectable as it was hastily withdrawn….

However, Wolfgang in Germany had an incredible find, here’s the story….

“My best find is Prince’s “I Wish U Heaven” UK 12″… a blue vinyl test pressing”

“I spotted it years ago in Record Collector for 70 UKP but it was listed as the purple vinyl test pressing. I ordered it right away and received a letter that the seller was sorry to say he just noticed it’s *blue*, not purple. He offered to give me back my money. Being a real die-hard Prince fan, I never heard of a blue one though. No one could give any info on this.It sure was a rare one, so I bought it of course”…..

In recent years it has regularly sold for over £1000!!! Nice find Wolfgang!!

If you have other ‘finds’ you’d like to share, send ’em over to tim.card@eil.com and we shall add to our blog….

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