Take a look at this! More blog.eil.com readers share pics of their record collection………..

Here’s another record collection for you to feast your eyes on! blog.eil.com reader Mark from Colorado had this to say, “enjoyed seeing Andy’s collection, attached is mine, I didn’t cue up any clues. I’m in Boulder Colorado these days and have finally got all my original vinyl from the 70’s in the UK that was in storage in my parents garage”

Some nice hi-fi action going on there and check the reel to reel! Speaking of which; “The equipment side includes 2-reel-to-reel decks, a Panasonic 8-track, Sony dual cassette decks, Music Hall MMF turntable and my prized PS Audio NuWave Phono Convertor. These are all connected to my receiver, amp etc. via underfloor cables”

Mark also tell us that the “collection includes (on the top main rack), all the Earth Wind & Fire albums, plus a random collection of 8-tracks. Under that are my soul and dance music albums, and my 12-inch dance music collection. In the short storage side is my prized collection of CITI/KUDU albums (mmm nice bit of jazz there then), I’m slowly working to get the whole catalog”

Very nice indeed, If you’d like to show us some pics of your record collection, please email tim.card@eil.com and we’ll share with our readers…..

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