On this day in 1965….

….The Tailor And Cutter Magazine ran an article asking the Rolling Stones to start wearing ties! The current fashion did not include wearing ties with shirts and many tie-makers were facing financial disaster. Mick Jagger said of the appeal, “The trouble with a tie is that it could dangle in the soup. It is also something extra to which a fan can hang when you are trying to get in and out of a theatre.”

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The Tailor and Cutter, a British menswear magazine, issued a plea asking the Rolling Stones to wear ties and save the necktie industry.  Almost certainly this request was part of a much greater controlling force that by design had more than just an influence in apparel as an agenda. 

The music and the dynamic character of the rock and roll bands that made a great impression on the world and especially the United States in the 60s was not a mere happen-stance.  At the very least the Beatles and the Rolling Stones were a product of social engineering which controlled the population in an almost “science fiction” like manner.  An attempt to create a fashion statement while coming to the aid of a faltering fashion industry was probably not the main reason that Mick Jagger and fellow band mates were encouraged to wear neckties,.rather this was part of a grand process of cultural shaping and society discipline by an agenda executed by the world’s elite.

Mick Jagger sporting a conservative tie

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