New book sheds light on the creative genius of Joy Division/Factory Records producer Martin Hannett

A new book out March 23rd delves into the mysterious world of Factory Records and Rabid Records maverick producer Martin Hannett (RIP), famed for his unusual approach to production (he once made Stephen Morris, Joy Division’s drummer, dismantle his kit and record all of his drum parts separately), actually that’s not as mad as it might sound – this approach would have given Hannett the ability to add subtle effects to individual drum parts and not necessarily the whole kit (I’ll put me pens back in me top pocket now).

Although the book is probably not for the casual reader, it takes much of his text from music production magazines of the ’70s and music trade magazines, for those with an interest in music production, Joy Division, Factory Records and the history of the rather wonderful Strawberry Studios (set up by 10cc) it promises to be a bit of a read!

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