Oooops….Beatles magazine signed by the Fab Four unwittingly donated to a charity shop!

From the Express

A BEATLES fanclub magazine unwittingly donated to a charity shop in a box of records has sold for almost £6,500 because it was autographed by the Fab Four.


The unlucky owner did not realise the valuable programme was inside the box before they went to an RSPCA shop in Somerset to hand it over.
When staff sifted through the old vinyl they plucked out the Beatles magazine that had a colour photo of a John, Paul, George and Ringo on the front cover.
Crucially, the item had been signed by all four members of the group in Biro at the same time, probably after one of their concerts in the early 1960s.

An RSPCA volunteer took it to Lawrences auctioneers of Crewkerne, Somerset, to see whether the autographs might have been faked.

After careful examination by two Beatles’ aficionados the item was declared genuine and was offered up for sale, with the proceeds going to the RSPCA.

It had a pre-sale estimate of £1,000 but was bought by a known Beatles collector for £6,470.

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