What are the best rock biographies and music books for Christmas 2017?

Some great new music biographies out this Christmas, here’s our current ‘Top 3’ picks, don’t forget eil.com has a huge range of vintage music books, magazines, vintage tour programmes and more, to see them all click here

‘Springsteen can write—not just life-­imprinting song lyrics but good, solid prose that travels all the way to the right margic…And like a fabled Springsteen concert—always notable for its deck-clearing thoroughness —Born to Run achieves the sensation that all the relevant questions have been answered by the time the lights are turned out. He delivers the story of Bruce—in digestibly short chapters—via an informally steadfast Jersey plainspeak that’s worked and deftly detailed and intimate with its readers—cleareyed enough to say what it means when it has hard stories to tell, yet supple enough to rise to occasions requiring eloquence—sometimes rather pleasingly subsiding into the syntax and rhythms of a Bruce Springsteen song.’ (New York Times Book Review)
“Set the Boy Free – a telling title again – is much more than an obituary for a brilliant band. It’s also a love letter to the women in Marr’s life … and a guide on how to keep changing and moving on with your creative life.” (The Observer)
“The Sex Pistols guitarist details his life – an impoverished Sixties childhood, sexual abuse and dalliances with crime – in a way that is both moving and candid.” (Telegraph, ‘Top 50 Books of the Year’)