Paul McCartney demo given to Cilla Black goes up for auction

From the BBC

A long-lost demo disc recorded by Paul McCartney that was given to Cilla Black is estimated to fetch £15,000 at auction later.

Black, who died in 2015, had a UK top 10 hit in 1964 with It’s for You, written by McCartney and John Lennon.

McCartney recorded his own version earlier that year, which was delivered to Black while she was performing at the London Palladium.

It was believed to have been lost or destroyed until her nephew found it.

Simon White said he believed his paternal aunt – whose birth name was Priscilla White – gave it to his late father in the mid-60s.

“My father was an avid record collector who took great care of his record collection, and he personally created the cardboard sleeve in which the acetate demo has been stored in his collection for more than 50 years.”

Mr White assumed the copy was of his aunt’s version and took it with other items to be valued at The Beatles Shop in Mathew Street, Liverpool.

‘Shaking with excitement’

Stephen Bailey, who has managed the store for 31 years, said they played what they thought were 21 demo discs by Black.

“We got to the last one and, as soon as I heard it, I thought: ‘Oh God, that’s not Cilla Black, it’s Paul McCartney’.”

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