Did you know that on the 22nd Feb 1970 David Bowie…..

…..played his first gig under the short-lived name ‘The Hype’ at the Roundhouse Spring Festival? The line-up also featured Mick Ronson (playing his first ever gig with Bowie no less) and Mick ‘Woody’ Woodmansey (who would go onto be in the Spiders From Mars), plus producer Tony Visconti, Benny Marshall and John Cambridge. All band members had a pseudonym (Bowie was Space Star/Rainbowman!) –  Sounds great doesn’t it? Obviously not if you were there, the band were reportedly laughed and jeered off the stage – whambamthankyoumamindeed!

Bowie, Visconti, John Cambridge and Mick Ronson at the gig…



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  1. The images in the blog are from 11th March 1970 snapped from Atomic Sunrise, a Living Theatre event where David & Co were supported ‘musically’ by Genesis, billed just as David Bowie.

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