Picture This – New Deluxe Set out from Wet Wet Wet

Whilst Wet Wet Wet release their Picture This deluxe 4-CD Box set, we’ve been exploring some great back catalogue material.

Prime pieces for filling gaps in your collection. Here are our Top 3 – find them all here



Popped In Souled Out – Official UK The Precious Organisation label multi-platinum LP In-house award issued to commemorate album sales in excess of 900,000 copies. Features THREE overlapping platinum LPs above front & back album artwork miniatures and authentic custom engraved dedication plaque. This nicely framed and glazed award measures 30″ x 22″. This is one of the most collectable Wet Wet Wet items we have ever offered for sale!


Put The Light On – Original 1992 Previous UK promotional only billboard poster. Measuring 60″ x 40″, this genuine example is cited horizontally, and remains unused. Free of glue, sellotape, rips and tears – it has never been glued to a billboard! Perfect for framing and display


232686Little Sweet Mistery – 1988 Brazilian Mercury 2-track promotional only 12″ vinyl with a completely rearranged & mis-spelt title on the sleeve – it should be ‘Sweet Little Mystery’! Features the Single Version & the Memphis Sessions Version, issued in a bold black & white custom title sleeve; the label is slightly more correct with Sweet Little Mistery – A totally official pressing despite all of this – obviously Mercury Brazil had few English proofreaders at their disposal!



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