10 Of The Most Expensive Pieces Of Oasis Memorabilia Ever Sold

Epiphone Supernova guitar – £1,040: A collectors’ item in more than one way, this “Man City Blue” guitar was Noel Gallagher’s custom-designed signature model, manufactured by the guitar company from 1997 to 2005. This particular one, featuring a handwritten message to manager Alan McGee’s dad John, is being sold for £1,040 from Britpopstore.co.uk.
‘Supersonic’ silver disc – £600-£800: Presented to Creation Records’ McGee for selling more than 200,000 copies of Oasis’ debut single ‘Supersonic’ in 1994, at a later Manchester auction in 2011 you could grab a gin and tonic, nab this disc and bask in the glory of where the story all began.
‘The Masterplan’ blackboard – £1,400: While putting a gigantic blackboard in your living room might not go down too well with your flatmates, you can’t argue that owning an integral prop from an album sleeve is pretty cool. One punter clearly thought so when they shelled out £1,400 this February at a Warrington auction. Photo: Omega Auctions /Press Added: 2 Sep 2015
‘Be Here Now’ platinum disc – £800-£1200: There’s something perversely brilliant about Oasis’ legendarily iffy third album ‘Be Here Now’ fetching an asking price of around a grand (as it did at a July 2011 auction in Manchester), but hey – the platinum disc did at least belong to Bonehead.

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