Marilyn Manson and Billy Corgan do ‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun’ dressed as priest and nun

The pair are currently touring together in North America

Instagram: “We are weird, honest”

Marilyn Manson and Billy Corgan recently covered ‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun’ at a live show in Nashville.

The two artists are currently in the middle of a co-headline tour of North America, which they are dubbing the ‘End Of Times Tour’.

Manson and Corgan delivered a brief rendition of the song, written by American musician Robert Hazard but best known as a single by Cyndi Lauper, on Sunday (August 9), changing the lyrics to “Nuns just wanna have fun” as Manson donned a preacher’s outfit and Corgan dressed up as a nun.

Watch at the 3:38 mark below and see a photo of the pair dressed up in religious attire below.

Corgan previously took aim at nostalgic full-album tours in a press conference held before the joint tour, calling them “really fucking boring”, before adding “I reject the generational malaise that believes that people like [Manson] and I can no longer make great music.”

Manson and Corgan had previously been involved in a two decade-long feud, with the pair recently burying the hatchet. Manson said that Corgan “taught me to play guitar,” adding “It’s his fault. You can blame him.”

Speaking about what they’ve learned from each other, Manson continued, “I tried to convince him to wear make-up and he tried to make me have more chords in my music.”

Corgan also disregarded the belief that the pairing is a strange one, saying, “I disagree with the assertion of weird. I don’t think there’s anything weird about being an artist.”

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