Super rare investment piece: Apple Label Ernest Troval Falling Man litho print from 1967

APPLE LABEL Ernest Trova ‘Falling Man’ Series Signed And Numbered Print

632465Rare 1967 UK limited edition 24″ square colour lithograph print which has been signed and numbered 60/75 by the artist in pencil at the bottom. The print is mounted in a32″ brushed aluminium bordered frame with the print block itself bordered with brushed aluminum, giving a recessed effect. Ernest Trova was an important proponent of American Pop Art and the complex “Falling Man” series is among Trova’s most important works. Making this piece unique is the purchase docket from Redfern Gallery of Bond Street, London on the reverse, which clearly states that it was purchased by Apple Corps on November 11th 1968 for eighty nine ponds and five shillings. It should be said that the frame is in need of a few repairs, with one strip of brushed aluminium missing and there are a few minor blemishes to the lithograph, but nothing that could not be easily restored to its former glory. A very unusual item and one of many that went ‘missing in action’ when Apple finally shut its doors.

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