Twenty Iconic Vinyl LPs In Stock….


Equal parts symbolist poetry and rock ‘n’ roll, inspired Mapplethorpe sleeve too, full info here
Following on from ‘In The Wee Small Hours’ (a cracking album too btw) came this selection of upbeat love songs, it’s a joy from start to finish and helped define the image of ‘Ol Blue Eyes, full info here
The Clash at the height of their powers, forget the arguments which say (cue whiney voice) ‘it would have made a great single LP’, no it wouldn’t, it’s got 19 tracks (including the ‘secret’ last track), they’re all brilliant and a double LP is what it should be! Full info here
Genre busting classic that successfully merged the rock and folk worlds…and then Sandy starts to sing….full info here
The first single was the McCartney duet ‘The Girl Is Mine’ which was a bit of damp squib, then came Billie Jean….full info here
Blur-Parklife-179898 (1)
Sometimes overshadowed by the whole Oasis/Blur/Britpop thing, which is a shame as it’s an album of classic tunes that defined its era, full info here
With its gloriously sludgy rhythms, sledgehammer guitars, cod-stantic imagery and Ozzy’s inimitable vocals this set the template for heavy rock, full info here
The Guardian said, “Bringing it All Back Home fused hallucinatory lyricism and, on half of its tracks, a raw, ragged rock’n’roll thrust” and who are we to disagree! Full info here
Glam rock and pop on this classic 1972 LP, every track a winner too! Full info here
Proto-punk classic produced by that man Bowie again, full info here
In which Joni sheds any trace of the hippie/folky stereotype and embraces jazz and world music, Princes favourite album apparently, full info here
One day Miles played Evans the piece Concierto de Aranjuez for classical guitar and orchestra by Spanish composer Joaquín Rodrigo and the rest became jazz history! Full info here
Underworld-Dubnobasswithmyhe-613422 (1)
Superb double LP that (unlike others that tried) successfully merged underground techno/house with rock, full info here
What a debut LP (worth remembering it only 7/10 in the NME!!), choc-full of classics and every home should have one, full info here
Incredible album marrying street-smart lyrics with hip hop, Motown and Jazz influences, full info here
Well we had to have this one didn’t we…..full info here
The greatest debut of all time? We’ve got lots of different versions of this in stock, including the super rare Turquoise lettering 1st Press, see them all here
…or is this the greatest debut of all time (I can feel another list coming on), full info here
1973 classic, we have quite a few different variants of this in stock, for full list click here
Just when you thought an iconic albums list might not include these fellas, here they are! Love ’em or loathe ’em it was definitely a game changer, full info here

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