Vinyl Pressing Plant For Sale……..

…….on eBay!


We sometimes forget just great the online marketplace eBay can be for finding rare music oddities, one need only look at the world’s most expensive guitar that’s currently listed on the site, and after a recent post, we believe there’s something actually better than the guitar.

Well, that is of course up to interpretation, however if you’ve ever wanted to own your very own vinyl record press, you now can, as the guys at Factmag (via The Vinyl Factory) point out.


Located in Zimbabwe, the now abandoned record pressing plant is up for grabs on eBay for a lazy £160,000.00.

The plant is being sold by eBay user exoticrock, who has detailed the specifics as follows: “The plant is an amalgamation of two plants, one from Lusaka, Zambia and the other from Gallo Records in Harare, Zimbabwe. The equipment is by Toolex Alpha, Sweden. It includes boiler pumps, cooling tower etc and also comes with a huge amount of spares not pictured.”


The plant stands as it was left when production ceased and has not been touched since. I am selling this plant as a job lot and will not break it up, I will help with suitable accommodation and transport to and from the location where the plant is situated” sounds like a pretty sweet deal right?

The vinyl plant also comes with some history, it is apparently one of the very last record presses within the entire continent of Africa, and was said to have laid wax from African artists including Ladysmith Black Mambazo and Miriam Makoba as well as having manufactured African versions of Kylie Minogue and The Sex Pistols.


If you’ve got big ideas of having your own plant in your backyard, as well as some pals with a bit of cash to splash, this could be the very ticket to your dreams – but be quick, there’s only a few hours left to make the purchase.

Thanks to the Tone Deaf website for this story

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