It’s HOW long since Frankie Goes To Hollywood topped the charts?

Ever realised that something you thought happened recently took place decades ago? David Thomas knows the feeling…


I was staggered this week when I realised it is 20 years since Manchester United’s mercurial midfielder Eric Cantona, infuriated by insults from the crowd, launched a flying kung-fu kick into the stands at Selhurst Park, hitting a Crystal Palace supporter called Matthew Simmons.

Two whole decades! Twenty years ago last Wednesday to be precise. It hardly seems possible. It seems only yesterday.

The sudden realisation that an event one thinks of as a relatively recent occurrence actually happened many years ago is deeply disconcerting. As if Old Father Time had suddenly pulled the rug from under your feet and pitched you down the rabbit hole. ‘Who knows where the time goes?’ as the old song has it.

But I’d scarcely recovered from the Cantona realisation when I had another ‘Oh my God!’ memory moment – I read that it was 30 years ago that Frankie Goes to Hollywood received a BRIT Award for their single Relax at a ceremony compered by Noel Edmonds. That’s a double whammy because anyone in their very late thirties or early forties might also remember Noel presenting the Multi-Coloured Swap Shop on Saturday mornings ­ a programme that ceased transmission in 1982.

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