The 10 Weirdest Things Pressed Into Vinyl Records This Year



Behold, the inexorable rise of the novelty record.

Somewhat debunking the myth that we all buy vinyl because the music just sounds better when pressed into virgin black wax, this year has seen what feels like a dramatic increase in the number of records being pressed with basically anything that’s to hand – blood, piss, hair, string, leaves, your gran – you name it, if you can mix it into a vat of wax pellets someone’s tried to press it into a record.

The peacocks of the record industry these ten releases are the ultimate exhibitionists, boisterously insisting on your attention with such clamour they make you average splatter vinyl look positively vanilla. Given that they basically speak for themselves, we’ll keep this intro short. Here are ten of the weirder and in some cases actually quite interesting things that have been pressed into records this year.

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